Poodle Supply Studio Build

Poodle Supply Studio Build

I want to describe how I moved from living-room workshop to a rented space, which we restorated.

First year or two of Poodle Supply I used to sew collars at our living-room.
I borrowed a table-top sewing machine, find some nice fabrics and just started to developing the collars the way I felt I like it for my dogs.

Its probably best way to start your own business, right? Do what you are passionate about in your spare time, get better, see if your friends likes the products, and after some period of time, you gain the trust in your product.

And if you sew, you know your hands and legs are occupied, but you brain? The bain still works on some ideas. Maybe this one may pop-up: "Hey, I can do this shit for a living!" :D

Well, maybe! But you can also get bored :D
After whole year I spent HOME ALONE with my DOGS and SEWING MACHINE, I wanted to actualy met some people in my work day...

In a meantime I rented spare room of my sisters apartment. I had a more space for more fabrics, rubber-bands, belts, webbings, oh and a brand new industry-class sewing machine, and I actually had cleen my teeth, pack my sandwich and dogs and left for work :D

This worked probably for another year. I had more space, left our appartment again regularly, see the sister or the other people, dress nicely. But that space.. oh girl - I needed more space for cuting table, another sewing machine, and more storage.

The Wood Shed

Imagine free Saturday, you just minding your own memes, enjoying the endless scrolling on your phone, AND suddenly - you see this beautiful space at the perfect facebook Ad! :))))
Second minuted your fingers are responding to the advertisement, and one hour later you are on your way to the appointment with a realtor?
Well, that escalated quickly!
Deal was done that evening :D
Check the advertisement below. This is not what I actually had a chance to saw when I got myself excited to the property for a show :D Story continues below...

Well, there was a kind of a similarity...
If you had imagination like me and the realtor.

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